Empowering Communities: PHALS and CDD Showcase ToGETHER Project Initiatives

Highlighting Local Humanitarian Aid and Advocating for Joint Response in Cox’s Bazar

On June 6, 2023,  Malteser International (MI) along with  two Local Humanitarian Partners (LHPs) of ToGETHER Project, Program for Helpless And Lagged Societies (PHALS) and Centre for Disability in Development (CDD), actively participated in the Market Place Event organized by NGO Platform Cox’s Bazar. They showcased their interventions and efficiencies to donors, the United Nations (UN), and other key stakeholders in preparation for the prospective Joint Response Plan (JRP) cycle. Over 30 member NGOs participated in the marketplaces, highlighting their respective initiatives.

Simultaneously, the NGOP All-Members Meeting was held, which facilitated the gathering of government officials, donors, UN representatives, the Inter-Sector Coordination Group (ISCG), sectoral groups, and all member agencies of NGOP. During the meeting, participants shared their experiences, lessons learned, and engaged in discussions to establish future priorities for improved coordination and complementarity among the organizations.

MI and its partners effectively demonstrated the initiatives, key priorities, and objectives of the ToGETHER project during the event. Furthermore, they strongly advocated for the acceleration of localizing humanitarian aid, emphasizing its significance and importance in the overall response efforts.