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The “Towards Greater Effectiveness and Timeliness in Humanitarian Emergency Response” Programme, in short ToGETHER, promotes the localisation of humanitarian action. It combines the efforts of 40 local and national humanitarian organisations from Bangladesh, Colombia, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Somalia along with four international organisations from Germany (Caritas Germany, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe, Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe and Malteser International).

The 40 Local Humanitarian Partners (LHPs) and the four international consortium partners create a space for complementary partnerships and promote local partners’ roles as leading actors in humanitarian response of their countries, putting localisation – understood as transformation into practice.  

ToGETHER wants to move beyond organisational boundaries, allowing for all participating local and international partners to jointly develop approaches to humanitarian challenges. The programme is therefore equally an opportunity for the international consortium partners to learn from local partners and to build lasting partnerships based on trust and respect. The programme and its success thus depend on the active cooperation of all stakeholders in a spirit of mutual engagement.

Logos of all the ToGETHER partners.


The partners participating in the ToGETHER program consist of 40 local and national organisations in 8 countries as well as 4 international organisations from Germany.


Prince Mihigo, DR Congo
Abdikafi Mohamud, Somalia
Naw Em Htoo, Myanmar