Experience the ToGETHER Global Conference 2022: A Video Summary

A Recap of the ToGETHER Global Conference on Localization of Humanitarian Aid – Turning the Promises into Action

From October 24th to 28th, 2022, the city of Bonn hosted the ToGETHER Global Conference on localization of humanitarian aid – Turning the promises into action, bringing together more than 40 participating organizations from 9 diverse countries. With a shared commitment to localization of humanitarian aid, the conference served as a platform for fostering dialogue, exchanging knowledge, and developing actionable strategies for a more people-centered approach.

Throughout the conference, critical topics were explored, including local leadership, community engagement, capacity-building, and flexible funding. Through in-depth interviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, this video summary captures the essence of these discussions and brings them to life, ensuring that you don’t miss out on the wealth of insights and experiences shared by humanitarian experts and practitioners.

Delve into captivating keynote speeches that emphasized the significance of empowering local communities on the ground and enhancing their capacity to respond to crises. Gain valuable insights into the strategies, challenges, and opportunities surrounding the localization of humanitarian aid, and witness the power of collaboration as participants fostered meaningful connections, forged new partnerships, and shared best practices to advance the localization agenda.

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