Behind ToGETHER: A New Interview and In-Depth Article

Read the full article and interview from and dive into the voices of the people shaping ToGETHER’s impact

Curious about the driving force behind the ToGETHER program, which is reshaping humanitarian assistance in eight countries? Do you want to gain an insider’s view of the incredible people steering the ship and changing the humanitarian system? Listen to our partners experiences, insights, and the incredible progress we’ve achieved together and read the interview with Maren Rahlf, Program Coordination of ToGETHER, to dive deep into the thoughts, strategies, and aspirations that have been shaping the program.

The heart of ToGETHER lies in its commitment to empowering local organizations that, deeply rooted within the affected communities, possess valuable contextual knowledge and understand better their needs. Learn how we’re shifting power dynamics, making humanitarian responses faster and more efficient, and championing the principle of “Nothing about us without us.” Discover our approach, from capacity building and lobbying to flexible funding mechanisms and collaborative decision-making, aimed at strengthening civil society as a whole.

Check out what our partners say on the influence of the ToGETHER program on their work:
Read the interview with Maren Rahlf, ToGETHER Program Coordinator: