ToGETHER’s South-to-South Exchange in Africa

Nairobi, Kenya. 9-13 October 2023

Until November, the ToGETHER partners are coming together in regional exchanges to shape a practical localization agenda in their respective countries and regions and contribute to the global localization dialogue. The first of these regional exchanges took place in Nairobi, Kenya, from 9 to 13 October 2023, bringing together the three ToGETHER African countries: the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, and Somalia. Additionally, representatives from Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe Kenya Regional Office, PMU (Germany), and PAC (Germany) attended to foster collaboration and share knowledge.

The primary objective of the South-to-South Exchange was to facilitate a dialogue among participants regarding their humanitarian work, enabling them to learn from each other’s best practices, share experiences, promote partnerships, and address common challenges. The five days were structured with daily themes, helping the participants to explore different aspects of localization, capacity strengthening, innovative funding mechanisms, community-led advocacy, and multiyear funding for local organizations. Participants engaged in dynamic discussions and concluded the week with a panel discussion featuring local NGO representatives from TPO DRC (DR Congo), SOLO (Somalia), and ASAL Humanitarian Network (Kenya), further enhancing the sense of collaboration and shared vision for localization.

The exchange’s methodology was interactive and participatory, building on past and present experiences of all participants. By the end of the workshop, participants collectively established a profound understanding of localization and the need for contextualization. They identified common challenges faced by Local Humanitarian Partners (LHPs) and highlighted the importance of a community-centric approach, recognizing the need to prioritize the community’s engagement. Furthermore, participants acknowledged the long-term commitment localization demands, advocating for multiyear funding to ensure the sustainability of LHPs and their ability to respond effectively to disasters. They highlighted the importance of networks and consortia for influencing donors, and recognized the cross-cutting impact of the Triple Nexus approach in securing multiyear funding, reinforcing their commitment to localization.

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